China LED lights industry status

According to the relevant analysis data show that in 2016, China's power-type white LED industrial light efficiency 160 lm / W (international manufacturers 176 lm / W); with independent intellectual property rights of silicon-based LED chip industry optical efficiency 150 lm / W , To achieve the international advanced level; deep UV LED technology to further enhance the 280nm deep UV LED room temperature continuous output power of more than 20 mW, in the world's advanced level; white OLED luminous efficiency of more than 120 lm / W; LED small distance display product industry minimum spacing Has reached 0.9mm (P0.9).

According to statistics, from the domestic LED industry development of regional layout, the current Chinese LED industry formed the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea region, Fujian and Jiangxi region and the central and western regions of the five regions, more than 85% of LED enterprises in the five Area. Retrospective 2015, the global packaging manufacturers Top10 ranking Chinese manufacturers have accounted for three seats. China's power in the global LED industry in the composition of the increasingly heavy, you can see, the original beauty, Japan, Europe, South Korea, China to catch up with the situation is being rewritten.

Through the analysis of the status of China's LED lights industry, LED lighting applications market segmentation, many domestic manufacturers to accelerate into the niche-type applications. In fact, the face of LED lighting products prices decline, the domestic LED companies have to find the field of force, LED manufacturers have accelerated into niche-type applications, from LED to LED +. From 2016 LED industry as a whole, the presentation is the chip industry to extend the semiconductor integrated circuits, midstream packaging to expand the market segments, downstream lighting for the track education and media.

LED has become the mainstream of lighting, the current application of the largest market for the lighting field, followed by backlight applications and display. According to the data, China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2016 the overall output value reached 521.6 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8% over 2015. 2016 China's LED lighting products, the domestic market penetration rate reached 42%, an increase of 10%. With China's "ban the white order" of the strict implementation of the future is expected to LED lighting market penetration will be further enhanced.

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