How about the led trends in 2017

China's lighting industry as a large market space, lowend product industry access threshold is relatively low, especially in the rise of LED lighting, a large influx of social capital, thus forming a relatively low concentration of industry, the market competition in the industry competitive landscape TheAmong them, Philips, OSRAM and General Electric as the representative of the international first-line brand, as well as to NVC lighting, Op lighting, represented by the domestic first-line brand, with its many years of precipitation brand, extensive sales channel network, strong technology R & D strength and strict stability of the product quality, occupy the high-end market. In many small and medium-sized lighting production enterprises, its product technology maturity and quality stability is relatively low, relatively low valueadded products, product homogeneity is more serious, the price competition as the main means to participate in low-end market competition.

At the same time, in the emerging LED lighting market, due to the strong support of government policies, the entire LED lighting presents a rapid development trend, in addition to traditional lighting companies in the lighting industry's competitive advantage into the LED lighting market, but also facing LED upstream and downstream industries Chain of enterprises to use its LED chip, packaging and application of technology and production advantages gradually extended to the competitive pressure of lighting products.

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